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My Name is Susie -

As a child of a “hushed” generation, I was always told to stand in a straight line, wear a uniform to match all the other kids, and by all means, do not say anything that might challenge the status quo. From my earliest memories, art was a vehicle for me to express those emotions I had to hold close to my heart. I believe abstract art allows a place for my voice to be heard. Expressing myself through colors and marks, my hope is to strike emotion and conversation with the viewer.

My approach to the canvas begins with gestural mark making. Graphite, paint, or even just a #2B pencil will begin to activate the canvas with words, shapes, and lines drawn on the blank surface. From here starts the dance of color against color. Building layers of paint, combined media, and typography, I will exchange my personal thoughts through the magic of expression with tools of the trade. Some of these messages may be obvious when the work is complete. Often, my intentions lay between brushstrokes as if sharing a secret with a friend. My hope is that you will find your own story in these pieces as they call to you.

I currently can be found in my humble home studio in Southern California. Studio visitors are usually my husband, four grown children and their spouses, ten grandkids (that I encourage each to speak their own truths), and two little fur babies, Millie and Charlie. When not painting, I’ve been known to indulge in a little wine tasting/collecting, travel, and listening to music in my studio played very LOUD!

You can view my latest creative works at the link below:

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